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Peak Chiropractic &
Applied Kinesiology

Restoring your physical, nutritional, and emotional health

Meet Dr. Alex Eby, DC, ICAKC

Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiology Certified Practitioner

Dr. A​lex Eby graduated from Parker University in  2023. He is specialized in Applied Kinesiology, joint injuries, and muscle activation. 

Dr. Eby was born and raised in northern Utah. He graduated from Utah State University in 2019 with his Bachelors in Business Administration and Minor in Biology. He married his wife, Monica, in 2017 and they have one daughter. Alex enjoys exercising, motorcycle rides, food, and family.

Meet Alex
Why Naturopathy

Why Applied Kinesiology?

It can help with

Muscle Activation & Range of Motion

With chiropractic adjustments and proper muscle activation, restrictions that limit every day and athletic activities can be eliminated.

Gut Health & Weight Loss

Using a mix of nutritional and lifestyle supports, digestive problems can be minimized and weight loss goals can be accelerated. 

Injury Recovery

Utilizing specialized muscular and ligament therapies, recent or nagging injuries can be resolved faster and permanently. 

Optimal Organ Function

Applied Kinesiology is well regarded for its ability to minimize your health concerns, from adrenal stress to liver detoxification, by removing toxins, supporting with supplementation, and ensuring good communication between your organ systems. 


Pain is complex and has many sources. Applied Kinesiology tests your body to help determine the root cause of your pain and what is needed to resolve it.

Emotional Health

Through the use of Neuro-Emotional Technique, traumas that have been stored by the body can be healed and a proper emotional response is allowed to progress. 


Services Overview

You may find a more detailed breakdown in our Services section.

Please reach out with any questions.

Back Pain

Initial Examination

Detailed history, physical examination, basic nutritional counseling to determine your course of treatment.

$110 per session, 40 minutes

Shoulder Treatment

Continued Care

Follow up care including adjustments and nutrition counseling.

$75 per session, 20 minutes

Kinesiology Taping

Alternative Services

Nutritional counseling, sports physicals, Neuro Emotional Technique, lifestyle counseling, Dynamic Taping, etc.

Cost and Time Varies

“His knowledge of the body is incredible and he takes a holistic approach to improving your health. He uses his knowledge of kinesiology and nutrition alongside his chiropractic education to really get to the bottom of the issues you’re having and get you back to and above 100%"

Joe H


1455 South 500 West, Suite E-2

Bountiful, Utah





Monday and Wednesday 8am to 5pm

Saturday 8am to 12pm

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