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Exclusive Services

Please review the list of services offered. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

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Initial Examination - $110 - 40 minutes

Detailed history and physical examination to determine your recommended course of treatment. Includes first treatment. 


Continued Care - $75 - 20 minutes

For fulfillment of treatment plans or for wellness/maintenance visits. Your appointment will be customized to your needs and you can set the pace. 


Neuro-Emotional Technique - Performed During Continued Care

Our emotions are not something that need to be treated, but sometimes our emotional state changes our physical state for the worse. NET was created to help eliminate negative physical issues caused by our emotions, past or present.


Dynamic Taping - $20  - Performed During Continued Care

Supportive athletic taping for a variety of injuries and ailments. Available at personal request or Dr's recommendation. Dr. Eby uses Dynamic Tape, a unique athletic tape that stretches in all directions instead of just one. This allows for greater support and unique utilization to help joints heal.


Nutrition Counseling - Prices and Timing Vary

Utilizing AK practices, Standard Process and Nutri-West supplements, and Dr. Eby's substantial knowledge of nutrition literature, a customized plan can be made for you to help you achieve your weight and wellness goals. Schedule in office.


Sports Physical - $35 - 10 minutes

Sports physical includes physical examination and documentation necessary for clearance.

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